The Metrological Relief

(Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; number: AN.Michaelis 83)

  What is it?
  The Metrological Relief (a000103)
  • A marble slab roughly triangular in shape carved in relief with the upper body of a man looking to his left and with his arms outstretched. The slab is broken across the left forearm.
  • The slab is 2.09 m long, 62 cm high in the centre, and the height of the side that is still complete is 26.15 cm. It is approximately 10 cm thick.
  • The marble has been analysed and is neither from Athens nor Paros (two major sources of white marble). It may have been quarried in modern Turkey or another Greek island.
  • Until 1988, the Oxford piece was the only known metrological relief. Then another example was discovered on Salamis, near Athens.
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