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The Parian Marble: Translation
B. The Paros Fragment
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[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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321/0BC 11) From when Antigonus crossed into Asia and Alexander was buried in Memphis and Perdiccas died after marching into Egypt, and Craterus, and also Aristotle the sophist aged 50, 57 years, when Archippus was archon at Athens and Ptolemy journeyed into Cyrene.

319/8BC 12) From the death of Antipater, and the withdrawal of Cassander from Macedonia and from the siege in Cyzicus by Aridaius, and from when Ptolemy took Syria and Phoenicia, 55 years, when Apollodorus was archon at Athens. And in that same year the Syracusans chose Agathocles as commander in chief of the Sicilian defences.

317/6BC 13) From the sea battle between Cleitus and Nicanor around the temple of the Chalcedonians, and from when Demetrius made laws at Athens, 53 years, when Demogenes was archon at Athens.

316/5BC 14) From when Cassander came back into Macedonia, and Thebes was built and Olympias died and Cassandreia was founded and Agathocles became tyrant of Syracuse, 52 years, when Democleid[es] was archon at Athens. Menander the comic dramatist first won the prize at Athens then.

313/2BC 15) From when Sosiphanes poet dies [aged] 45, 49 years, when Theophrastus was archon at Athens.

312/1BC 16) From the eclipse of the sun and when Ptolemy defeated Demetrius in Gaza and sent Seleucus to Babylon, [4]8 years, when Po[lem]on was archon at Athens.

311/0BC 17) From when [N]icocreon died and Ptolemy seizes the island, 47 years, when Si[moni]des was archon at Athens.

310/09BC 18) From when Ale[xander the son of Alexander] dies and also the other, Heracles, born of the daughter of Artabazus, and Agathocles crossed into Carched[on _______4]6 [years], when Hieromnemon was archon at Athens.

309/8BC 19) From when the city L[ysi]macheia was founded, and Ophelas ______ into [Ca]rch[edon_______] and Ptolemy his son was born in Kos, and Cl[eop]atra died in Sardis [_________, 45 years, when D]emetrius [was archon at A]thens.

308/7BC 20) From when Demetrius the son of Antigonus besieged the [P]eiraeus and took it, [and Demetrius of Phalerum was exiled from Athens, 44 years, when] Cairimus [was archon] at Athens.

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