The Parian Marble


The Parian Marble: Translation
B. The Paros Fragment
Entries 21-27
[Interleaved Greek and English text (translation by Gillian Newing)]
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307/6BC 21) From when Demetrius razed Mounychia and took Cyprus and Phill______ [4]3 [years,] when Anaxicrates was archon at Athens.

306/5BC 22) From when Sosiphanes the poet was [born and _______ 42 years, when C]oroibus [was archon at Athens.]

305/4BC 23) From the siege of Rhodes and from when [Pt]olemy succee[ded] to the throne, [41 years, when Euxenippus was archon at Athens.]

304/3BC 24) [From the] earthquakes that occurred in Ionia, and when Demetrius [to]ok Chalc[is] on agreed terms, and _______of [De]metrius, 40 years, when Pherecles was archon in Athens.

303/2BC 25) From when the [comet] appeared, and Lysimach[us crossed to Asia, 39 years, when Leostratus was archon at Athens.]

302/1BC 26) [From] when Cassander and Demetrius split up _________ Cassan[d]er _______ di[ed], 38 [years], when Nicocles was archon at Athens.

299/8BC 27) [From when_______ of Deme]trius ________going up into Chalcis, and the Athenians_______ Cas[sander ___________] Ptolemy_________35 years, [when Euctemon was archon at Athens.]

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