The God of Longevity, With Attendant

Ren Yi

Gallery 13,
The Khoan and Michael Sullivan Gallery of Chinese Painting


Background - Techniques

Ink & brushes:
Where you see the colour black in this work the artist has used ink. This was made from pine soot and resin, and used in stick form. The ink is wetted and ground on an inkstone (usually slate); it is then applied to the paper with an upright or angled brush. By varying the pressure of the brush, the artist creates finer or thicker lines. Notice how spontaneous and free the lines are which mark out the drapery.

Calligraphy & seal:
The calligraphy is also executed using ink and a brush, whereas the red seal has been made using a red sticky paste. The seal usually communicates the name of the artist and is made using a sealstone often carved from jade or soapstone.

The scroll:
You can see that the paper has been mounted on silk and the whole is conceived in scroll form. This is very common in Chinese art framing is only a recent development.