Schist standing Buddha
late 2nd- early 3rd century AD

Gallery 21, Ground Floor,
Indian Gallery

Related Objects in the Ashmolean Museum:

1. Birth and Death of the Buddha, relief panels, Gandhara 2nd-3rd century AD (OS 3, 10)
To the right of the Object of the Month

Narrative relief panels relating the legend of the Buddha were placed along the base of a stupa (memorial monument) or temple. With the introduction of the human image, sculptors began to portray events which had been impossible to sculpt when the Buddha’s presence was indicated by emblems and motifs.

The Birth of the Buddha, (pictured right) depicts the infant Buddha being born miraculously from the side of his mother, surrounded by maidservants and deities in an attitude of veneration.

The Death of the Buddha (or Mahaparanivarna) shows the Buddha reclining on his side, entering Nirvana surrounded by grieving monks and disciples.

2. Buddha Standing Under the Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya (Eastern India) 9th-10th century AD
(O.S. 56)

Gallery 22, Indian Gallery (other side of the wall from the Object of the Month)

This stone sculpture (pictured right) shows the Buddha standing under the Tree of Enlightenment when he attained Perfect Knowledge.

3. Randolph Sculpture Gallery
(The long gallery by the entrance ot the Museum)

The sculptures in this Gallery are original Graeco-Roman pieces dating from about the same time as the Object of the Month. Compare the treatment of the robes with that of the schist standing Buddha.