John Nash RA
A Gloucestershire Landscape 1914

Gallery 44

  Related Objects in the Ashmolean

1. Spencer Frederick Gore The Cinder Path 1912
Gallery 47

The Cinder Path shows what could be part of a recently harvested field, indicating that it is also set in late summer. In contrast to A Gloucestershire Landscape, the colours are much hotter, red in particular has been emphasised and exaggerated. This painting does not have the same immediate English feel as A Gloucestershire Landscape and reflects the influence upon Gore of French artists such as Matisse and the Fauves.



2. Stanley Spencer Cows at Cookham 1936
Gallery 44

Another English scene, Cows at Cookham is one of many paintings that Spencer set in his beloved home village of Cookham. Set in late spring, the horse chestnut tree in the background is in full bloom. The energy of spring is reflected in the playful babies crawling away, and the lolloping cows following the cow girl up the embankment behind.