The Domitianus Coin

c. AD 271

Gallery 36 Coins and Medals

  Related Objects in the Ashmolean

Roman gold aureus of Vespasian, AD 70
Roman Gold from Finstock, Gallery 36

After the Domitianus coin, this is the next most
important Roman coin ever found in Oxfordshire.
It is remarkable in that it was minted in Judaea
just after the destruction of the Temple in Jerusa-
alem, probably from gold from the Temple itself.





Roman gold aureus of Claudius, AD 46/7
Roman Gold display, Gallery 37

The aureus of Claudius is particularly interesting
as it depicts the triumphal arch erected at Rome
to commemorate the Roman conquest of Britain
in AD 43.




Shakenoak Roman Villa
Gallery 35, Ancient Roman and Dark Age Europe

The exhibit displays a range of archaeological
finds from a Roman villa near Oxford.