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Origin: London

Date: 1689-1690

8.8 cm height; 187 g weight

Marks/Maker: London, sterling standard, 1689-90, maker's mark of George Garthorne

Provenance: Rare Art (London) and Brand Inglis, 2002; the Whiteley Trust

Presented by Mrs Diane Bacon and Mrs Helen Smyth in memory of their grandfather, A. H. Whiteley, 2004; WA2004.96

T. Schroder (2009), no. 38

This mug belongs to a small group of objects, apparently restricted to the few years between 1687 and 1692 and bearing a variety of makers' marks, which are united by a distinctive type of engraving that is unusual, both in subject matter and the technique. The technique, more commonly found on pewter, is known as 'wrigglework' because the line was achieved by moving the burin in a zig-zag motion across the surface of the metal. (see also WA1947.13 and WA1947.14 and WA2004.97). The form of these mugs is unusual in silver, although quite common in delftware, and it would seem that this is a rare case of the silversmith following the potter. The body is engraved with a double portrait of King William III and Queen Mary.

Information derived from T. Schroder, British and Continental Gold and Silver in the Ashmolean (2009)

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