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Origin: London

Date: 1719-1720

37 cm diameter; 6 cm height; 1432g weight

Marks/Maker: London, Britannia standard, 1719-20, maker's mark of Richard Bayley

Heraldry: Arms of Mostyn impaling Finch, for Sir Roger Mostyn of Mostyn, third baronet (c. 1675-1739), who married in 1703 Essex, daughter of Daniel Finch, Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham

Provenance: Sir Roger Mostyn (d.1739)

Bequeathed by A.T. Carter, 1947; WA1947.74

T. Schroder (2009), no. 227

Basins of this form are more commonly associated with the seventeenth century. This basin's function is not entirely clear. The numerous knife score marks on the surface show that it must, at least at some stage, have been used for serving food and perhaps for carving, although the form was more often associated with washing.

Information derived from T. Schroder, British and Continental Gold and Silver in the Ashmolean (2009)

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