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Origin: London

Date: c.1745

44.6 cm length; 34.9 cm width; 27.7 cm height; 2594 g weight

Marks/Maker: Maker's mark only of Nicholas Sprimont

Heraldry: Arms, marshalled in a blazon of ten quarters, of Skrymsher, Skrimshire or Scrimshawe and Reve (the rest unidentified), nineteenth-century engraving

Provenance: Asher Wertheimer

Presented by Mrs J.C. Conway, 1959; WA1959.40.4

T. Schroder (2009), no. 251

Unfortunately, this basket has been extensively damaged and badly repaired. The original arms have also been erased. It belongs to a pair, the other being in the Gilbert Collection, and was possibly part of a larger ensemble. The Ashburnham centrepiece by Sprimont, marked for 1747, in the Victoria and Albert Museum is potentially associated with the pair.

Information derived from T. Schroder, British and Continental Gold and Silver in the Ashmolean (2009)

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