Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (ANET)

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Terracotta: AN1926.424

Object: Fragment of the face of a goddess from a relief plaque

Period: Bronze Age: Akkadian to Old Babylonian Period

Dimensions: W: 4.8cm.

Region: Sumer

Find Spot: Tell Uhaimir, (2489: Tell Uhaimir: "House Ruins: surface"); H: 6.4cm

Description: mouldmade; baked; cream slip on pink fabric; two tiered mural crown, with niched facades resting on a plain platform with a single pair of horns in relief on the front; a four-rowed choker necklace frames a delicately modelled face.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 111

Follow this link to the Akkadian to Old Babylonian Periods in Babylonia Chapter of the Catalogue Part 1