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Terracotta: AN1922.177

Object: Fragment from the centre of a model chariot front

Period: Bronze Age: Akkadian to Old Babylonian Period

Dimensions: H: 11.5cm. W: 6.7cm.

Region: Sumer

Find Spot: Unprovenanced

Description: mouldmade; baked; cream slip on buff fabric; top broken off; bottom broken where the hole for the pole was pierced through; design on the inside: upper field: crescent on a tapering vertical stand; solar disk above a crescent; lower part of another crescent on a stand(?). Below: two facing figures set on a hatched ground line; to left: standing male human worshipper in right profile wearing an ankle-length robe, with patterned border from waist to ankle at the front; broad-brimmed cap with rounded top; bearded; right arm brought across the chest, bent at the elbow with hand raised in salute; left arm held across the abdomen; to right: deity, in ankle-length robe with patterning in vertical undulating lines wearing a multiple horned crown faces the worshipper; he is perhaps bearded; his hair is dressed in a bun on his neck, right arm extended downwards holding "rod and ring" towards the worshipper; left arm bent at elbow holding a now unrecognisable object at waist level.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 134

Follow this link to the Akkadian to Old Babylonian Periods in Babylonia Chapter of the Catalogue Part 2

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