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Terracotta: AN1924.496

Object: Plaque

Period: Bronze Age: Akkadian to Old Babylonian Period

Dimensions: H: 7cm. W: 7cm.

Region: Sumer

Find Spot: Unprovenanced

Description: upper part missing left corner; bull-man in low relief; mouldmade; cream slip on buff fabric; shown full-face; multiple horned crown; bull's ears on a human face with elaborately modelled beard: central panel with flanking sections, framed by a single side-lock curled over at the bottom (a curlicue); has a human torso in profile; lower body largely missing; he holds a standard, with a solar disk set on a platform at the top, vertical in his right hand, whilst his left arm is brought across his body for the hand to grasp the standard.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 142

Follow this link to the Akkadian to Old Babylonian Periods in Babylonia Chapter of the Catalogue Part 2