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Terracotta: AN1924.670

Object: Plaque

Period: Bronze Age: Akkadian to Old Babylonian Period

Dimensions: H: 9.6cm. W: 6cm.

Region: Sumer

Find Spot: Unprovenanced

Description: enthroned goddess with birds; mouldmade; baked; cream slip on buff fabric; halfway down the plaque projects forward to accommodate the seated goddess. A crescent is set on each side of her head; her face and horned headdress are damaged; side-locks of hair fall onto her shoulders; both arms are held into her sides and bent at the elbows with each hand grasping a vertical pole topped by a triangular device (? palm frond). She appears to wear an ankle-length garment now damaged at the knees; her feet are set on a footstool or low podium; on each side of her skirt a standing bird (? goose); touches it.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 148

Follow this link to the Akkadian to Old Babylonian Periods in Babylonia Chapter of the Catalogue Part 2