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Terracotta: AN1954.730

Object: Bearded male figurine of the "spearman" type, probably representing a "lahmu"

Period: Bronze Age: Neo-Assyrian Period

Dimensions: H: 13.9cm. W: 3.8cm.

Region: Assyria

Find Spot: Nimrud, (ND 3526: "Burnt Palace" as no. 185)

Description: mouldmade; sundried brown clay; traces of black paint on the surface; heavily restored since excavation; wearing stylized hair or heavy wig and an ankle-length garment; originally holding a spear in front of his body with arms bent and right hand grasping shaft above left hand at waist level; cut off along the base-line of the garment.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 186

Follow this link to the Neo-Assyrian Period in Northern Iraq Chapter of the Catalogue