Ancient Near Eastern Terracottas (ANET)

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Terracotta: AN1926.423

Object: Upper part of a plaque

Period: Bronze Age: Akkadian to Old Babylonian Period

Dimensions: H: 6.4cm. W: 6.3cm.

Region: Sumer

Find Spot: Tell Uhaimir, (3027A: Tell Uhaimir: "House Ruins": surface)

Description: cut and incised rather than mouldmade; baked; cream slip on a buff fabric; crudely modelled with incised detail; central deity with multiple horned crown facing forward; flanked by profile views of bearded men wearing'feather' or pleated vertical headdress; their inner arms are raised, their outer arms are down by their sides; their torsos appear to be naked; their hair is dressed into a "bun".

Reference: Moorey (2004) 112

Follow this link to the Akkadian to Old Babylonian Periods in Babylonia Chapter of the Catalogue Part 1

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