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Terracotta: AN1937.741

Object: Upper part of a woman

Period: Iron Age: Achaemenid Period

Dimensions: H: 14cm. W: 8.5cm.

Region: Northern Levant

Find Spot: Al Mina/Sudeida, (MN 369: level 4)

Description: wheel-made hollow body with mouldmade face; baked; buff to red core with traces of cream slip; lower part broken off below the abdomen; the face is moulded with a slight smile; even without the surface slip the hair and ears suggest a well-used mould; tapering conical torso; crudely modelled left arm is bent round with the hand supporting two bowls, the lower is shallow, the upper deep-sided; the right arm of rolled clay is bent round with the hand placed so as to steady the bowls. This is typical of such offering bearers associated with Phoenician settlements in the Levant and Cyprus and widely distributed through their commercial activity.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 373

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