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Terracotta: AN1913.48

Object: Upper part of a woman and child

Period: Iron Age: Achaemenid Period

Dimensions: H: 6.5cm. W: 4cm.

Region: Northern Levant

Find Spot: no provenance

Description: handmodelled body, mouldmade face; baked; brown fabric with smooth, slightly polished surface; back of head damaged; under a narrow browband the hair falls in three or four distinct lines of tiny blobs to the shoulder, framing the face; well modelled, prominent facial features with oval eyes and small mouth; traces of a necklace; upper body and arms crudely modelled by hand, the arms brought round to hold a now headless child against the left side of her body; broken off across abdomen.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 374

Follow this link to the Northern Levant in the Iron Age Chapter of the Catalogue

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