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Terracotta: AN1965.273

Object: Chariot front

Period: Bronze Age: Early Bronze Age IV

Dimensions: L: 12cm. W: 8.3cm. Th: 2.3cm.

Region: Syria

Find Spot: Tell es-Sweyhat, (No locus recorded)

Description: handmodelled; baked; greenish-buff fabric; each side of the front is decorated in low relief with the front and rear legs of an animal with claws; each side of the chariot front is conceived as the back of an animal with the head and tail now missing. The rein-loops on the top edge are also now lost, though it is clear where they have been broken away. It is possible that the animals faced downwards, occupying the broken areas at the front, on either side of the hole for the chariot pole, where they may have provided zoomorphic support for the front axle.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 249

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