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Terracotta: AN1925.291

Object: Chariot model, four-wheeler ("battle car")

Period: Bronze Age: Early Dynastic Period

Dimensions: H: 12cm. W: 11.6cm.

Region: Sumer

Find Spot: Kish, (2015: Mound A, ("just below the surface above room 53 of the palace")

Description: handmodelled; baked clay; buff fabric with linear decoration in red paint; low front with a pair of holes for reins, one now broken; a two-holed quiver for javelins at the left side front with a band of applied clay running round the top just below the rein holes; hole pierced through at the lower front centre for the pole; holes for two axles; seat with painted crossbands, which also run down the back to the projecting step; mounted with four solid, plain wheels of the right scale (1925.291a-d), but not necessarily those made for it.

Reference: Moorey (2004) 51

Follow this link to the Early Dynastic Period in Sumer Chapter of the Catalogue

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