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School of Marco Dente (da Ravenna) (c. 1493 - 1527), printmaker
After Giuseppe (Porta) Salviati (c. 1520 - c.1575), printmaker

Object name:print

Giardino di Pensieri

Series title:

engraving, 1540

Published in 

235 x 184 mm (irregular) Sheet

Bartsch XIV.356.479

SR (lower left of image, on a tablet)

Francis Douce (L. 689) (on verso)
Bodleian Library

Bequeathed by Francis Douce, 1834.; WA1863.1741

A gathering of scientists; an engraving after a woodcut, which decorated a frontispiece to 'Le Sorti di Francesco Marcolino da Forlė, intitolate Giardino di Pensieri, allo illustrissimo signore Hercole estense duca di Ferrara', published in Venice by Francesco Marcolini, October 1540. The print was mistakenly attributed by Bartsch to Marco Dente, who died well before the appearance of the woodcut. The engraving must therefore have been executed by one of Dente's pupils, who signed the print with the master's monogram. For Salviati's woodcut see WA1863.5550 and WA863.5551.

Bartsch: Adam Von Bartsch, Le Peintre Graveur, 21 vols (Vienna: J. von Degen, 1803-1821)
L.: Frits Lugt, Les marques de collection de dessins and d'estampes [...], 2 vols (Amesterdam, Vereenigde Drukkerijen, 1921-1956)

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