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After work attributed to Ugo da Carpi (c. 1480 - 1532), printmaker
After Raphael (1483 - 1520), designer

Object name:print

A sibyl reading, facing right

Series title:

chiaroscuro woodcut, 1516 - 1519

Published in 

311 x 248 mm Sheet

Bartsch XII.89.6 (ii)

R / R.V.I (top right)

Francis Douce
Bodleian Library

Bequeathed by Francis Douce, 1834.; WA1863.1697

The Ashmolean impression would seem to be a very close copy of the impression described by Bartsch as after Ugo da Carpi, but now considered to be the original.

Bartsch: Adam Von Bartsch, Le Peintre Graveur, 21 vols (Vienna: J. von Degen, 1803-1821)

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