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Plate with Amphritite and Nymphs

Campani Ferdinando Maria, attributed to

Siena, c. 1730 - 1750

14 cm (height); cm (height)

tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica)

Fortnum attributed nos. WA1888.CDEF.C413-417 to Ferdinando Maria Campani of Siena (1702-71), perhaps the finest maiolica artist of the 18th century. Also an oil painter, his work is characterized by a taste for subjects from Raphael. However, Campani's style is sometimes very hard to distinguish from that of his contemporary, Bartolomeo Terchi, both artists having worked together in or near Siena aroun 1725-35, probably under the patronage of the Chigi-Zondadari family. Attributions of unsigned works are therefore problematic.

The figures were probably taken from the engraving by Philippe Thomassin after a painting by Jacopo Zucchi; this engraving was also used by maiolica painters at Castelli. See C. Hess, Maiolica in the Making. The Gentili/Barnabei Archive (Los Angeles, 1999), no. 238.

Presented by C. D. E. Fortnum, 1888.  WA1888.CDEF.C413

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