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Dish with a banqueting scene

Venezia Domenego da

Venice, c. 1560 - 1570

38.1 cm (diameter); cm (diameter)

tin-glazed earthenware (maiolica)

From the 1540s Venice produced a good deal of istoriato maiolica in a style influenced by the Urbino school. Although Fortnum attributed this dish to Urbino, the painting is reminiscent of Veronese, and the characteristic shape and yellow lines on the reverse also suggest that this dish is Venetian. It was probably produced in the third quarter of the 16th century, in a prolific Venetian workshop associated with the name of Maestro Domenego da Venezia. A number of plates and pharmacy jars from the 1560s are marked as “made” by Domenego, but it is not certain whether he was just an employee or also the owner of the workshop. In a document of 1547 he is described as depentor over bochaler (painter or rather potter) so he was certainly a ceramics painter and may also have worked in other media.

The subject is taken from an engraving by the German engraver Virgil Solis (d. 1562), from a series illustrating the effects of wine (I. O'Dell Franke, Kupferstiche und Radierungen aus der Werkstatt des Virgil Solis, Wiesbaden, 1977, p. 125, no. f68).

Presented by C. D. E. Fortnum, 1888.  WA1888.CDEF.C463

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