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Gilt-brass cased hour-striking coach-watch with alarm

Movement: Goullons A Paris, c. 1650

case; brass, gilt-brass, glass, silver, steel

case 97 mm diameter case 57.9 mm thickness movement 69.4 mm diameter pillar 14.6 mm height

Case: Gilt-brass case with hinged bezel, the back pierced and engraved with realistic flowers. The bezel is not split at XII but has a bead and reel ring with turned over lugs on the inside to retain the glass. Dial: Gilt-brass dial-plate with an applied silver chapter ring with hours I-XII and very small heart-shaped half-hour marks. The separate central disc is engraved with realistic flowers and has a circle numbered 1-12 for alarm setting. The pointer which indicates the time is not original. The central hand is used for setting the alarm. Movement: Gilt-brass plates with five baluster pillars. Gilt-brass barrel with ratchet and click set-up on the back-plate. Fusee with chain and standard stop-work. Three wheel going train driving a verge escapement, the crown wheel runs between a rivetted potence and a screwed-on counter-potence . Pierced and engraved foliate balance cock with a later poor-quality steel coqueret. Later plain brass three-arm balance with spiral balance spring and geared regulation.. Striking train for hours only, powered by a fixed gilt-brass barrel pierced and engraved with foliate decoration on the visible side and with geared stop-work on the back plate. Six wheel train of gears, the last a plain pinion. The steel locking and release gates for the striking are not original. Silver count-wheel with an engraved rosette ant the centre and numbered 1-12. The alarm train is driven by a gilt-brass barrel with geared stop-work mounted on the back plate. The train wheels are all solid steel except for a gilt-brass great wheel. The crown wheel is also steel. The movement is signed: Goullons AParis Little biographical information is known about Goullons of Paris except that a maker by that name was paid 200 livres by Cardinal Mazarin for a large watch mounted in a cabinet. There are a number of watches signed 'Goullons AParis', housed a cabinet. There are also a number of watches in finely made pictorial enamel Cases form the middle years of the 17th century which bear a similar signature. Provenance: Eric Bullivant Bequest, 1974. (Bullivant Collection No. 113) Notes: 1. The bead and reel decorated glazing ring appears to be original and the decoration on the bezel is not truncated by its insertion. 2. The fusee has been re-cut for use with chain, a modification probably carried out in the 18th century when the new balance and spring were added to modernise the watch. To provide the necessary height for the new balance and spring, the balance cock has been raised by the addition of a brass plate under its foot. The brass stop-work wheel for the striking train is a replacement.

Bequeathed by Eric Bullivant, 1974.