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Francois Rabby
Gold and leather `oignon' cased verge watch with alarm

Movement: Rabby AParis, c. 1690

key; gilt-metal, ribbon case; leather-covered brass, gilt-brass, gold piqué-point decoration dial; gilt-brass; engraved, enamel, blued-steel movement; gilt-brass, blued-steel, silver; pierced and engraved, steel

key 41.3 mm length key 20.8 mm width ribbon and key 206 mm overall length case 55.75 mm diameter case 37.3 mm thickness movement 39.35 mm diameter pillar 10.7 mm height

Case: Black leather-covered brass case with gilt-brass rims and gold piqué-point decoration on the bezel band and back. The exterior of the case is not pierced in any way to allow the sound of the bell to escape but the inner raised gilt-brass rim which supports the dial and movement is pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls and grotesques. The bezel hinges at IX o'clock. Gilt-brass pendant with loose ring. Dial: Gilt-brass dial engraved with scroll motifs to surround twelve applied white enamel plaques with hours I-XII around a white enamel quarters ring. In the centre is a gilt-brass alarm-setting disc numbered 1-11 with a pointer at 12 to show the time. The blued-steel hand in the centre sets the alarm. The central square winds both the going and alarm trains. Movement: Circular gilt-brass case with four pierced Egyptian pillars. Gilt-brass going barrel without a cap. Four wheel train of gilt-brass wheels. Verge escapement, the crown wheel un-gilded and probably not original. Blued-steel spiral balance spring with a geared regulator, the silver index disc engraved 1-7. A very large silver balance bridge pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls and a grotesque mask. Alarm train powered by a fixed, plain gilt-brass barrel. Three wheel train of solid wheels, the contrate of steel. Steel crown wheel operating a verge with semi-circular hammer. The alarm bell is screwed inside the case back. Movement signed: Rabby AParis François Rabby, married in 1686 the niece of Corneille Godefroy. Worked in Rue de Harlay, Paris, from 1689 and later in Place Dauphine. In 1718 he was imprisoned for marrying one of his daughters at the English Ambassador's house to a Genevan Protestant. Provenance: Eric Bullivant Bequest, 1974. (Bullivant Collection No. 58)

Thompson (2007) 17

Bequeathed by Eric Bullivant, 1974.


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