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John Leroux
George Gaab (c. 1710 - 1784)
Peter Goujon (active 1763)

Gold pair-cased cylinder watch with quarter-repeat

Dial: signed LEROUX CHARING CROSS above and below the centre
Dust cap: signed J Leroux Charing Cross 2641 on the back.
Inner case: the bell is inscribed Drury
Inner case: the bell is inscribed Willm Ingles 16 Feby 1810
Inner case: the , c. 1770

case; gold; repoussť

Cases: Gold pair Cases, the inner pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls and strap-work. The back is engraved with a bird on a pedestal. Gold pendant with a applied rosette in the top and with a stirrup bow with acanthus leaf decoration at the sides. On the inside the case is punched with the casemaker's mark PG with a fish above. The bell is inscribed Drury and Willm Ingles 16 Feby 1810. Gold repoussé outer case, the bezel and band pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls. On the back is a depiction of The Birth of Adonis (after François Boucher). The case is signed: Gab 176(?) on a small reserve. Gilt-brass dust-cap of standard pattern signed J Leroux Charing Cross 2641 on the back. Dial: A gilt-brass dial-plate supports a white enamel dial with minutes numbered 5-60 and hours I-XII around an inner circle. The dial is signed LEROUX CHARING CROSS above and below the centre. Blued-steel beetle and poker hands. Movement: Gilt-brass plates with four ringed pillars. Gilt-brass barrel with tangent screw set-up between the plates. A fusee with chain and standard stop-work drives a four wheel train. Cylinder escapement with a steel escape wheel and a steel cylinder. Polished steel three-arm balance with spiral balance spring and Tompion regulator, the silver index disc numbered 5-30. The balance cock is pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls and has an engraved mask at the junction. There is a screwed-on steel setting with a diamond end-stone for the balance pivot. There is also a lozenge patterned reserve in the balance cock foot to provide clearance for the cap-slide. Pendant operated quarter repeat mechanism with a fixed gilt-brass barrel driving a six wheel train of solid gilt-brass wheels, the last a plain pinion. The movement is signed: J Leroux London No. 2641 John Leroux (1750-1805), a watchmaker known for his pioneering work on the lever watch following Thomas Mudge's invention of the escapement. He took out Honorary Freedom in the Clockmakers' Company in 1781. His business was at 8 Charing Cross between 1782 and 1805. The casemaker's mark is that of Peter Goujon. See no.158 above for details and another watch-case bearing his mark. The repoussé work was done by George Gaab (c. 1710-1784). Provenance: Purchased in 1987 with the aid of the National Art Collections Fund, the Museums and Galleries Commission/Victoria and Albert Museum Purchase Grant Fund and the Friends of the Ashmolean Exhibitions: cf Rococo (Victoria & Albert Museum 1984), p.135 no H21. Literature: Richard Edgcumbe, The Art of the Gold Chaser in Eighteenth-Century London, Oxford, 2000,p.47, fig.24.

Bought by Anthony Roth at Christie's 15 Oct.1986, Cat. No. 43 for 10.

Purchased with the assistance of the Friends of the Ashmolean, The Art Fund & Regional Grant Funds administered by V&A Purchase Fund, 1987.