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James Lamb (active 1818 - 1853)
Movement and dial of a verge watch

Movement: J. Lamb BICESTER No 9953., 1820 - 1830

dial; white enamel movement; gilt-brass; engraved

36.72 mm diameter back plate 35.5 mm diameter pillar 3.9 mm height overall 12.8 mm thickness

Case: missing. Dial: White enamel dial pinned directly to the front plate, with an outer minute track surrounding Roman hours I-XII. There is a winding hole at III-IIII. The hands are missing. Movement: Circular gilt-brass plates with four cylindrical pillars and a detachable barrel bridge. Mainspring barrel with set-up beneath the dial (ratchet type?). Fusee with chain and standard stop-work. Four wheel going train, the centre wheel solid, the third and contrate wheels with four crossings. The centre and third wheels are recessed into the front plate and run in a separate bridge. Verge escapement, the crown wheel runs between a screwed-on potence and a riveted counter potence with a separate bearing plug. Plain steel flat-rim balance, spiral balance spring with a Boseley type regulator registers against a scale engraved on the back plate inscribed SLOW –FAST. Plain balance cock. Movement signed: J. Lamb BICESTER No 9953. Notes: James Lamb – 1818-1853. Clock and watchmaker, glass china and earthenware dealer in Market Square Bicester

Presented by Evans Roberts through the Victoria and Albert Museum, 1917.


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