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David Rousseau (1641 - 1738)
Jean Pierre Huaud, style of (1655 - 1723)

Gold and enamel cased verge watch

Movement: David, Rousseau, c. 1675

case; gold; polychrome basse-taille dial; polychrome enamel, blued-steel movement; gilt-brass; pierced

case 29 mm diameter case 12.9 mm thickness movement 23.8 mm diameter pillar 5.3 mm height

Case: Gold case with hinged lid. The case enamelled en-basse-taille with translucent blue with gold flowers. The back with a rope-twist border in black and white surrounding a portrait bust of a young man in a plumed helmet against a dark blue ground. There is no counter-enamel on the inside. Gold pendant with loose ring. Dial: Within an engraved border on the front plate is an enamelled dial decorated en-suite with the case within a white enamel chapter-ring with hours I-XII and straight-line half-hour marks. Blued-steel hand. Movement: Gilt-brass plates with four elaborately pierced foliate pillars. Mainspring barrel with tangent screw set-up mounted on the back plate. Fusee with chain and standard stop-work; three wheel train; verge escapement; pierced foliate balance cock screwed to the back plate. The watch now has a spiral balance spring. Movement signed: David Rousseau David Rousseau, Geneva 1641-1738. The unsigned case is in the style of Pierre Huaud the elder, Geneva. .

Christie's, 1938
Countess of Aylesford

Bequeathed by J. Francis Mallett, 1947.


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