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Louis Recordon (1778 - 1818)
Gold and enamel cased virgule watch with centre seconds made for the Chinese market

Dial: the number '263' is fired into the counter-enamel.
Movement: the balance bridge is engraved around the table with the name RECORDON, c. 1790

case; gold, enamel

case: octagonal 57.25 mm diameter case 21.1 mm thickness movement 44 mm diameter

Case: Gold octagonal case with a circular bezel, hinged at IX and decorated with split pearls around the outside. Split pearls also adorn the front of the case along the edges of the eight sides. The decoration to the back of the case is similar to the front but here the spaces between the central panel and the straight edges of the case are filled with a blue enamel with foliate scrolls. In the middle of the round hinged back is an enamelled square panel painted in colours, depicting a young couple on a terrace - the seated man wears a red/purple coat and holds his hat, the standing woman wears a white dress with a blue double border at the hem. The circular back, released by depressing the pendant, reveals a fixed dome with a winding hole. There are two deeply struck marks, possibly French, in the pendant bow. Dial: White enamel dial pinned directly to the front plate. The chapter ring has an outer circle for minutes and seconds divided to 1/4 seconds. The minutes are numbered 15,30,45 and 60 with wing motifs at the half quarters. Pierced gold matching hour and minute hands, the centre-seconds hand is missing. The number '263' is fired into the counter-enamel. Movement: Gilt-brass plates, the front plate with a deep recess for the train wheels. The back plate is engraved all over with foliate scroll work. The back plate is cut away to allow for the recessed barrel, the aperture covered by a large circular bridge. Gilt-brass going barrel with Geneva style stop-work beneath the dial. A four wheel train, planted mostly between the front plate and the dial, the fourth wheel at the centre to carry a centre-seconds hand. Virgule escapement, with brass wheel and steel virgule. Brass balance with spiral balance spring and geared regulator, the silver index disc, engraved 1-4. The balance bridge is pierced and engraved around the table with the name RECORDON in florid letters. There is also a diamond end-stone in a steel setting on the balance bridge. Louis Recordon a Swiss emigré, 1778 - 1818 successor to Josiah Emery is best known for his patent pedometer winding watches. He was associated with Abraham Louis Breguet in Paris. Notes: The style and character of the case and movement of this watch as well as the fact that it has a virgule escapement suggest that it is of continental manufacture and probably Swiss.

Bequeathed by J. Francis Mallett, 1947.


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