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Michael Fabian
Horizontal table clock

Movement: Michael Fabian, Thorn, c. 1660

case; brass

case (hexagonal) 128.7 mm across flats diameter case 85 mm height

Case: Hexagonal gilt-brass case with hinged base. Each facet of the band has a cartouche-shaped opening with a wavy edge. These openings would have been glazed with silver surrounds to retain the glass. Both the silver surrounds and glasses are now all missing. The top of the case is engraved with scroll decoration to surround the dial. Originally with three feet, now only two remain. A sizeable slot has been cut in one side of the case with a large threaded hole above. The clock was, at some time, converted into a monstrance clock with pendulum control. There is a bell attached to a strap in the hinged base. Two latches lock the movement in the case. Dial: A gilt-brass dial plate with bead and reel decoration around the outside and with flower-petals engraved in the spandrel spaces. A raised rim encloses the silvered brass chapter i g with hours I-XII and line-and-star half-hour marks. The central area of the dial plate is engraved with a rural scene with buildings, a river and a tree. The single blued-steel hand has a long counter-poise tail. Movement: Gilt-brass plates with four baluster pillars. The barrel, with a flange at both ends, has ratchet set-up mounted on the back plate. Fusee with chain and standard stop-work. Three wheel train of gilt-brass wheels. Verge escapement, the balance is missing and the pierced and engraved foliate balance cock has been cut away to provide clearance for the pendulum (also now missing). The striking train, for hours only, is controlled by a plain brass count-wheel mounted on the back plate. The gilt-brass barrel with engraved decoration on the visible side, drives a standard striking train except for the last vaned pinion which is a later replacement. The movement is signed: Michael Fabian Thorn Nothing is known of Michael Fabian of Thorn or Toru, a small town to the north west of Warsaw. Provenance: Presented by Miss F.C. Mitchell, 1980.

Presented by Miss F. C. Mitchell, 1980.


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