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Anonymous, English (18th century)
Bronze mould

, c. 1750

bronze; intaglio

41.7 mm diameter 5 mm thickness

A bronze mould used in the manufacture of a repoussé watch case. The design incorporates a depiction of Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance with a lyre and with putti playing other musical instruments. Around the outside are scrolls and volutes. Literature: Antiquarian Horology, Vol IX (March 1975, p.231. Richard.Edgcumbe, The Art of the Gold Chaser in Eighteenth-Century London, OUP, Oxford, 2001, p.11, fig,4a (right). Notes: No surviving watch is known with a case related to this mould. A second similar mould also exists in the Ashmolean Museum, see Richard Edgcumbe, op.cit, p.11 and fig.4a (left).

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