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Isaac Philippon
Peter Goujon (active 1763)

Gold and agate pair-cased verge watch with quarter-repeat

Inner case: inside marked with the casemaker's mark PG with a fish above, all in cameo.
Inner case: is numbered '206' near the pendant
Inner case: the bell scratched 'Johnson Purkis London (?) on the outside
Movement: Isc Phelippon LONDON 2, c. 1740

case; gold, agate, hardstone

outer case 48.5 mm diameter outer case 23.2 mm thickness inner case 40.3 mm diameter inner case 26.65 mm thickness movement 28.95 mm diameter pillar 6.1 mm height overall 29 mm thickness

Case: Gold inner case, pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls around the band, with an engraved mask at the bottom and a brick pattern engraved around the pendant foot. The case is numbered '206' near the pendant. The back is pierced with geometric strap-work around the edge and engraved with a rosette in the centre. Gold pendant, the bow with scrolled ends. The bell is scratched 'Johnson Purkis London (?) on the outside. On the inside, the case is marked with the casemaker's mark PG with a fish above, all in cameo. Gold outer case with inset panels of moss agate set over pink foils within a framework of scrolls and volutes and shell motifs. Pierced panels around the case-band. The push-piece is set with a paste. The inside of this case is lined with a white-metal (possibly silver) plate for strengthening. An old leather case with gold piqué decoration is not exhibited. Gilt brass dust-cap signed 'Isaac Phelippon LONDON 206' Dial: Deeply recessed dial plate with wheat-ear decoration. Later white enamel dial with hours I-XII within an arcaded minute circle. The gold beetle and poker hands appear to be original. Movement: Circular gilt-brass plates with four baluster pillars. Gilt-brass barrel with tangent screw set-up between the plates. Fusee with chain and standard stop-work. Four wheel train with both centre and third wheels solid, while the contrate wheel has four crossings. Verge escapement, the crown wheel runs between a rivetted potence with a chamfered foot and a rivetted counter-potence. Steel three-arm balance with spiral balance spring and Tompion regulator, the silver index disc engraved I-VI with lozenges between. The slide-plate and balance cock are pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls, the latter also has an engraved mask at the junction and a large diameter screwed steel setting and an end-stone in the table. Pendant-operated quarter repeat mechanism powered by a fixed gilt-brass barrel. Six wheel train of solid wheels, the last a plain un-weighted pinion. There is a pulse piece which protrudes through the rim of the case. The movement is signed: Isc Phelippon LONDON 206 No biographical details are known about this maker. Baillie in Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World lists Isaac Phellipson but it is this watch which is cited as evidence. The casemaker's mark PG with a fish above is that of Peter Goujon whose incuse mark was entered at the Goldsmiths' Hall in 1763. See also nos. 151 and 157 above for other Cases by Stephen Goujon.

Bequeathed by J. Francis Mallett, 1947.