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P.D. Chevenix, London
Gold, enamel and lapis lazuli cased verge watch with quarter-repeat

Case: inside is scratched 'Lapis Laz'
Case - bell: the bell is scratched 'Drury 851' on the back
Case - dust cover: P.D. Chevenix LONDON 851.
Movement: P.D. Chevenix 851, LONDON, c. 1740

case; gold, enamel, lapis lazuli, gilt-brass

case 48.2 mm diameter case 28.6 mm thickness movement 30.7 mm diameter pillar 6.35 mm height

Case: Single gold case with panels of lapis lazuli set in a framework of gold scrolls with small enamel flowers on the scrolls. Pierced panels in the band and bezel backed by red silk. On the inside the case is scratched 'Lapis Laz' and the bell is scratched 'Drury 851' on the back. The bezel is hinged to the case at IX and the movement at XII. The gold pendant has a diamond set in the top and the bow has acanthus leaf decoration. The movement is protected by a gilt-brass dust cover signed P.D. Chevenix LONDON 851. Dial: A gilt-brass dial plate with wheat-ear decoration around the edge supports a white enamel dial with an outer minute circle numbered 5-60, hours I-XII and an inner circle. There is a winding hole at XII. The gold hands are pierced with scrolls. Movement: Circular gilt-brass plates with four baluster pillars. Gilt-brass barrel with tangent screw set-up between the plates. Fusee with chain and standard stop-work. Four wheel train of gilt-brass wheels. Verge escapement with rivetted potence and counter-potence. Steel three-arm balance with spiral balance spring and Tompion regulator. The balance cock table is finely pierced and engraved with foliate scrolls. Both the balance cock foot and the regulator slide-plate are solid with foliate scrolls in relief over a matted ground. The end of the slide-plate is chamfered and has a scalloped edge. Pendant-operated quarter-repeat mechanism powered by a fixed gilt-brass barrel. Six wheel train of solid gilt-brass wheels, the last a plain pinion. Although there is a pulse-piece which extends from the inner case, there is no provision for one in the outer case. The movement is signed: P.D. Chevenix 851 LONDON There appear to no recorded references to P.D. Chevenix. Notes: 1. While nothing is known of the maker P.D. Chevenix, the name strongly suggests a maker of Huguenot descent. 2. A second watch bearing this name can be found in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. A verge watch with quarter repeat housed in a pierced gold inner case and with an outer gold case with agate panels (Smart Collection No.60)

Bequeathed by J. Francis Mallett, 1947.


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