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Ferdinand Berthoud (Plancemont 1727 - 1807)
Jean-Antoine Alazard

Gold and enamel cased verge watch with quarter-repeat

Case - inside: punched with the casemaker's mark JAA with a cinquefoil above, all in cameo
Case - inside: punched with the Paris hallmarks for 1769
Movement: Ferdinand Berthoud Paris No.427, 1769

case; gold, enamel

case 40.1 mm diameter case 19.3 mm thickness movement 37.4 mm diameter pillar 10 mm height

Case: Three-colour gold case, the bezel and band with a figure-of-eight wreath design in relief. The back has a wreath border enclosing a painted enamel panel in sepia tones depicting Cupid drawing his bow. Gold pendant with a push-piece for the repeat. There is also a pulse-piece at VII-VIII. On the inside, the case is punched with the Paris hallmarks for 1769 and the casemaker's mark JAA with a cinquefoil above, all in cameo. The pendant is also punched with an indistinct mark. Attached to the pendant is a short length of gold chain with a lyre-design gold key. Dial: A gilt-brass dial plate with scroll decoration around the outside, signed Ferdinand Berthoud around the edge. The white enamel dial, retained by a screw at IX o'clock, has an outer circle for minutes numbered 5-60 surrounds, hours I-XII with an inner single line circle. The dial is signed Ferdinand Berthoud, above and below the centre. There is a winding hole at 11 o'clock. Pierced gold hour and minute hands, the latter not original. Movement: Gilt-brass plates with four tapered pillars. Gilt-brass barrel with ratchet set-up on the back plate. A fusee with chain and standard stop-work drives a four wheel going train. Verge escapement with brass three-arm balance, spiral balance spring and geared regulator, the silver index disc engraved AVANCE and RETARD. Pierced and engraved balance bridge with a polished steel coqueret. Pendant operated dumb-quarter repeat mechanism, the speed of striking controlled by an adjustable depthing plug for the last pinion, the back plate engraved with a scale marked 'V' and 'L'. Movement signed: Ferdinand Berthoud à Paris No.427 Ferdinand Berthoud, the celebrated Swiss-born clock and watch maker was born in Plancemont in 1727 and moved to Paris in 1747.He was Horloger Pensionnaire du Roi from 1786, and Inspecteur Général des machines pour la Marine. He died in 1807. The casemaker's mark is that of Jean-Antoine Alazard of Paris. Literature: D. Thompson, ' Watches in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford, Antiquarian Horology, Vol. XXV (December 2000), pp.632-633 D. Thompson, 'Watches in the Ashmolean Museum' Ashmolean Handbooks, 2007

Thompson (2007) 26

Bequeathed by J. Francis Mallett, 1947.