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Robert Plot LLD, Fellow-Commoner of University Col ...

Latin Text:

Munificentissimis optimisque cujuscunque Conditionis Dignitatis aut Sexűs, qui Museum Ashmoleanum Cimelijs quibuscunque, sive Naturalibus sive Artificialibus, usque Locupletare satagunt; Robertus Plott LL.D. Coll: Universitatis Socio-Commensalis; istius MusŠi Custos primarius ac primus; et RegiŠ Societatis Lond. Secretarius; Hoc Volumen, Benefactorum tum nominibus, tum donationibus inserendis accomodum, piŠ, memoriŠ, virtutisque causÔ, D.D.D. Anno Domini MDCLXXXIII.


Robert Plot LLD, Fellow-Commoner of University College, the first curator of this Museum and a first-rate one, and Secretary of the Royal Society in London, established this Book of Benefactors in the year of our Lord 1683 in order to keep a record of peoples' names and donations, and to bear witness to their piety and virtue. It contains the names of the most generous and excellent of persons who, whatever their means, sex or status, took pains to enrich the Ashmolean Museum with every conceivable kind of treasure, whether natural or artificial.

Year:MDCLXXXIII (1683);  Page Number: 1 (recto)

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