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Robert Plot LLD, Fellow-Commoner of University Col ...

Latin Text:

ROBERTUS PLOT LL: D. Collegij MagnŠ AulŠ, (Universitatis vulg˛ dicti) olim Sociocommensalis; Regi JACOBO II.? Historiographus; Illustrissimo Principi HENRICO NorfolciŠ Duci, Summo AngliŠ (Comitis titulo) Mareschallo, in CuriÔ suÔ Militari, Registrarius; Primus in hÔc celeberrimÔ AcademiÔ Professor Chymicus; hujusque MUSĂI Custos primus ac primarius. Vir ob ingenij prŠstantiam et omnimodam eruditionem quam merit˛ celebris:

quod etiŃ facilŔ agnoscent quotquot Agri Oxoniensis et Staffordiensis (ut alia jam prŠteream) Historias Naturales ab ipso editas, Šquo animo pensitaverint. Is postquam Gazophylaceum hocce Ashmoleanum, per septem Annos summÔ fide ac diligentiÔ procurasset, Londini tandem ad majora provectus, ideoque officio cedens, succedentibus Cimeliarchis industriŠ juxta ac munificentiŠ exemplar maximum (utinam et non impar humeris) reliquit. Omnia siquidem donavit cujuscunque generis Fossilia quŠ in Agro Oxoniensi et Staffordiensi nata, ipse primus feliciter detexerat, quorumque Icones non minus elegantes quŃ descriptiones accuratas, earundem Provinciar? Historijs dudum exhibuerat. Multa insuper Mineralia, et antiqua RomanŠ in hanc Insulam Potestatis monumenta, cum in patrio solo Cantiano effossa, tum alibi locorum per Britanniam undique quŠsita; Quin et exotica non pauca, Conchylia, Mineras, Metalla; Terras, Salia, Lapides; Alcyonia, Poros, Corallia, aliaque id genus multa, (quamvis et plura adhuc sperare jussit) quŠ Ó naturŠ operum studiosis spectentur dignissima, huic MusŠo lubens contulit; communi Physiologorum commodo benevolus dicavit.


Robert Plot LLD, Fellow-Commoner of University College; Historiographer-Royal to King James II; military secretary to the most illustrious Duke Henry of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England; first professor of Chemistry in this great University, first and best curator of this Museum. He was deservedly celebrated for his superior talents and universal erudition, which anyone who has impartially read the Natural Histories of Oxfordshire and Staffordshire which he has published will acknowledge (as well as other works which I pass over). After he had directed the Ashmolean Museum with great commitment and diligence for seven years, he finally gave up that post and moved to London, leaving to future keepers a great example of hard work and of generosity (we hope not a burdensome one). He donated to the museum the great variety of material which he was luckily the first to uncover in Oxfordshire and Staffordshire, and he published fine illustrations and careful descriptions of them a short while ago in his histories of these counties. He also gave many minerals, and ancient objects from the period of the Roman occupation of this island, which he had both excavated in his native county of Kent and acquired elsewhere from all over Britain; and also a fair number of exotic items such as shells, minerals, metals, earths, salts, stones, tufa, sponges, corals and many other things of that kind (he told us to expect more) which are considered to be of great value by students of Natural History. These he willingly donated to the museum and generously dedicated them to advance the cause of the natural sciences.

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Location:The two axes and the almanac are on display in gallery 8 (Ark to Ashmolean).

Year:MDCXCI (1691);  Page Number:14 (recto), 14 (verso)

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