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That most noble Lady Mary, Countess of Westmorland ...

Latin Text:

Illustrissima Dom: Dom: MARIA Comitissa de WESTMORLAND Magnetem rarissimę magnitudinis cui vix ullam Regionem parem jactare credimus, Academię OXON, nequid ibidem Arte vel Natura pretiosum deesset, contulit, et in Museo Ashmoleano reponendum esse voluit. Quadraginta et Octo Uncias ambitu complectitur Lapis, centum et quinquaginta Librarum Pondus attollit, plus indies (ut Usu compertum est) attracturus.

Honoratissimus Dom: Dom: JOANNES Comes de WESTMORLAND Almę Universitatis OXON Seneschallus Egregium hoc Uxoris suę Munus elegantissimo instrui Apparatu, Domicilioque suis Impensis affabre jacto, conservari jussit.


That most noble Lady Mary, Countess of Westmorland, gave the University of Oxford a magnet which she wanted placed in the Ashmolean Museum, so that it should not be lacking in any precious work of art or nature. It is of an unusually large size and we can hardly believe that anywhere else can boast of having one like it. The stone is 48 inches in circumference and is able to raise a weight of 150lbs or more (as we know from experience).

The most celebrated Lord John, Earl of Westmorland, Steward of the fair University of Oxford, arranged for this exceptional gift of his wife's to be provided with a very elegant case made, with great craftsmanship, at his own expense.

Related Objects:Museum of the History of Science 1942-7 (formerly Ashmolean Museum AN1836 p.188.523)

Location:Transferred to the University of Oxford Museum of the History of Science

Year:MDCCLVI (1756);  Page Number:23 (recto)

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