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The celebrated Sir John Aubrey, Bart. from Lhan-Tr ...

Latin Text:

PR∆CLARISSIMUS DOMINUS, D. JOHANNES AUBREY, de Lhan-Trydhyd in Glamorgani‚, Baronettus; Vir nequicquam minus generosus, quŗm Illustri Familia natus: Bibliothecś Ashmoleanś donavit Viri Celeberrimi D. Joannis Vaillant, Galliarum Regis Antiquarij, Historiam veterum Numismatum, duobus Tomis Parisijs nuper edit‚.


The celebrated Sir John Aubrey, Bart. from Lhan-Trydhyd in Glamorgan, a noble man born to an illustrious family, gave the Ashmolean library the 'History of Ancient Coins' by the celebrated Jean Vaillant, antiquary to the French king, which was recently published in two volumes in Paris.

Year:MDCXCIIII (1694);  Page Number:17 (recto)

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