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The distinguished John Robinson MA ...

Latin Text:

EGREGRIUS Vir D: JOHANNES ROBINSON AM: et Collegij Orielensis olim Socius, JACOBI Secundi apud Regem Sueciĉ Minister ordinarius; ne Inscriptiones cujuscunque Gentis aut Linguĉ hic Oxonij deessent, duos Lapides satis magnos Runis inscriptos, summo sudore ac sumptu ibidem comparavit, in Angliam benevolus transmisit, ac in Atrio hujus Musĉi (pro honestate loci) lubens erigi voluit.


The distinguished John Robinson MA, former Fellow of Oriel College and King James II's Envoy-Extraordinary to Sweden, concerned that inscriptions of any people or language should be lacking from Oxford, obtained, at great trouble and expense, two monumental runic stones, and generously sent them to England to be set up in the forecourt of the Museum (to grace their surroundings).

Related Objects:AN1997.1 , AN1997.2

Location:On display in gallery 41 (England 400-1600). On display in gallery 6 (Reading and Writing)

Year:MDCLXXXIX (1689);  Page Number:12 (verso)

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