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The excellent Samuel Butler was born into a ...

Latin Text:

ORNATISSIMUS Vir D. Samuel Butler generos‚ apud Danmonios ortus prosapi‚, et in Civitate apud eosdem Exoniensi, Mercaturam felicissimŤ imprśsentiarum exercens; pro summ‚ su‚ in hanc Academiam benevolenti‚, Ramentum pretiosissimum Sacrosanctissimś Crucis in quŗ olim pendebat JESUS Salvator mundi, capsul‚ aure‚ cruciformi inclusum, in isto Musśo, (tanquam in Hierophylacio) piŤ reponi curavit.


The excellent Samuel Butler was born into a noble family in Devon and lived near them in the City of Exeter as a successful merchant. Out of his deep affection for this University, he devoutly deposited within this Museum (as within a shrine) a precious fragment of the Holy Cross, contained in a gold cruciform box, on which Jesus, the Saviour of the world, was crucified.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXVIII (1688);  Page Number:11 (verso)

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