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The famous Sir William Hedges, citizen and ...

Latin Text:

Clarissimus Vir D. GULIELMUS HEDGES Miles, Civis et Mercator Londinensis, in Indiã Orientalem peregrè profectus, ldolum Gongam, e Pagodâ Insulæ Sagur in ostio Gangis, post Benharum et Jagernotum, dignitate proximâ, summâ sagacitate procuravit; ac pro impenso suo, quo Academiam hanc prosequitur affectu, in isto Musæo, tanquam in Sacrario magè congruo (plurium Arrham) reponendum transmisit.


The famous Sir William Hedges, citizen and merchant of London, showed great discernment in procuring, on his travels in India, an idol of (the goddess) Gonga from a pagoda on the Island of Sagur at the mouth of the Ganges, a temple second in importance only to that of Benares or Juggernaut. He sent it at his own expense to this Museum, as if to a fitting shrine, and in this way honoured the University. (There may be more to come).

Related Objects:AN1685B.722A

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCXC (1690);  Page Number:13 (recto)

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