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The most distinguished John Aubrey Esq. ...

Latin Text:

INSIGNISSIMUS Vir D. JOHANNES AUBREY de Easton-Piers in Agro Belgarum Wiltonensi, Armiger; Collegij SS. Trinitatis Oxon. olim Alumnus, prŠter Libellos, tum MSS. tum impressos, plus minus Octaginta; diversas illustrium viror? Effigies; Numismata Romana, Eorumque matrices lateritias; Operis item Musivi sive Tessellati specimen (quŠ omnia suis Catalogis respectivŔ recensentur)ex Amore suo in D. Ashmolum, MusŠumq;suum propensissimo, eidem ex mero motu contribuit.


The most distinguished John Aubrey Esq., from Easton Pierce in Wiltshire, formerly a scholar at Trinity College, Oxford, out of regard for Ashmole and his Museum, gave some eighty small books (some of them printed, some in manuscript), and in addition, several portraits of famous men, Roman coins and their clay matrices, and also a fragment of a mosaic or pavement (all of which are carefully listed in the catalogues).

Related Objects:WA1898.42

Location:The portrait is held by the Department of Western Art. Six fragments of roman clay coin moulds are listed in the 1836 catalogue but can not be located now. The books and manuscripts were transferred to the Bodleian Library in 1860.

Year:MDCLXXXIX (1689);  Page Number:12 (verso)

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