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The most illustrious Theophilus Leigh Esq. of ...

Latin Text:

CLARISSIMUS Vir D. Theophilus Leigh de Longborough in Comitatu Dobunorum Glocestrensi Armiger, ne plęclari facinoris memoria, aut quid Rari in isto Cimeliarchio, deesset; Eidem Numisma quoddam tum magnitudine tum cęlaturā pręstantissimum, ex ipsissimo Argento cus?, quod Angli e navi Hispanorum (propč Jamaicam) naufragā expiscati sunt, lubens contulit.


The most illustrious Theophilus Leigh Esq. of Longborough in Gloucestershire, willingly brought to the Museum a medal, remarkable for its size and engraving, struck from the very same silver which the English recovered from the wreck of a Spanish ship (near Jamaica), in order to ensure that this notable feat was not forgotten, and that the museum did not lack such a rare object in its collection.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXVIII (1688);  Page Number:11 (verso)

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