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The very distinguished Mr Harries, from Worcesters ...

Latin Text:

ORNATISSIMUS Vir D. HARRIES de [ ] in Agro Wigorniensi Armiger, donavit elegantissimam Tabellarn Plasticam, in quâ felici manu exhibetur JOVIS Historia in Cretâ Insulâ enutriti. Amalthća scilicet. nutrix sub elatâ quadam arbore, in eremo conspicitur; lacte repleturn Cornu Copić ad os Infantuli admovens: tum Caprć adstantes cum Satyro, et Canem in altâ rupe eviscerans Aquila. Quin et in summâ arbore pulli Aquilini in nido delitescunt, quibus Serpens arborem ascendens, exitium denunciat.


The very distinguished Mr Harries, from Worcestershire, gave a small, very beautiful relief, skilfully executed, showing the story of the early childhood of Jove on the island of Crete. In the wilderness his nurse, Amalthea, is shown under a tall tree holding a cornucopia, filled with milk, to the child's lips; there are goats around together with a satyr, and at the top of a cliff, an eagle disembowels a dog. Hiding in a nest on top of a tree are eaglets, threatened with death by a serpent which climbs it.

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of this object is unknown.

Year:MDCXCIII (1693);  Page Number:17 (recto)

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