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The very Reverend Father in Christ, John Fell ...

Latin Text:

Reverendus admodum in Christo Pater ac Dominus D. Joha˝es permissione divinÔ Ox§n Ep?s, ac Ădis Christi Decanus duo Numismata archetypa, unum ex auro, alterum ex argento, ad inaugurationem serenissimi IACOBI secundi, et MARIĂ BEATRICIS Regis et Regine AngliŠ &c. Apr. 23.?An.1685? percussa; una cum AfricŠ Periplo; ac duabus Chartis Chorographicis antiquis, Universitatum tum Oxoniensis t? Cantabrigiensis; in suŠ erga MusŠum Ashmoleanum benevolentiŠ ????????? (plurium spem faciens) Eidem contulit.


The very Reverend Father in Christ, John [ Fell ], by the Grace of God Bishop of Oxford and Dean of Christ Church, gave the collection, as a token of his good will to the Ashmolean Museum, two original medals, one of them gold and the other silver, struck to commemorate the coronation of their Royal Highnesses King James II and Queen Mary Beatrice of England on 23 April 1685; also an outline map of Africa and two ancient maps of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. (One hopes that there may be more.)

Location:Not listed in the 1836 catalogue. The present location of these objects is unknown.

Year:MDCLXXXV (1685);  Page Number:10 (recto)

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