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1509 of 1517

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Domenico Zampieri, called Domenichino (1581 - 1641)

The Vision of St Jerome

Oil on copper; 49.4 x 37.2 cm

Prov: Monsieur Paillot; Duc d'Orléans; Henry Hope; George Watson Taylor; Mrs Whyte of Barron Hill, by descent to Captain Arthur Finch Dawson

Lent by Sir Denis Mahon, C.H., C.B.E., F.B.A., through The Art Fund, 1999; WA.L.99.12

Finaldi and Kitson 1997, no. 20; Schleier 2001, no. C6

St Jerome (c.342-420), in prayer before a crucifix, is interrupted by a heavenly vision, signifying divine blessing and inspiration. Domenichino made several paintings of the saint when in Rome in 1602-10: this was apparently made c.1606-8 when he was living in the household of Monsignor Giovanni Battista Agucchi and it had a companion of a St Francis in prayer.

Information derived from the The Ashmolean Museum Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.