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Coconut cup

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silver-gilt, coconut, chrysoprase

c. 1470 - 1500

The cup is made in four sections. The upper part, flaring to the rim is silver-gilt. The main section is formed of a coconut cup, six mounted in silver and silver-gilt; six identical cast straps, each contain a green stone, identified as chrysoprase; above the stone is God the Father, supporting the crucified Christ, below are two male figures in clerical or academic dress, the left hand one holding what looks like a baby. The stem is spirally fluted with crowns above and below; it is joined to the part above by a three-lug bearnet fitting. The spreading foot, silver-gilt, is flat-chased with renaissance folliage and joined to the stem by a series of lap-joints.


Michael Wellby, 2012; WA2013.1.15

Bequeathed by Michael Wellby, 2012.

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