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Barna da Siena (active c.1330 - 1350):
The Crucifixion and Lamentation

A73; tempera and gilding on panel, integral frame; 53 x 38 cm.

Presented by William Thomas Horner Fox-Strangways , later 4th Earl of Ilchester, 1850; WA1850.9.

Lloyd 1977 pp. 15-16; Boskovits and Schleier 1988, under no. 32; Kanter 1994, p. 94.

The right-hand part of a diptych, this panel once had as its companion an Annunciation with a Donor, and six Saints below (Gemäldegalerie, Berlin). It is very rare to find the subjects of the Crucifixion and Lamentation depicted in one scene, which makes for a highly charged devotional image. Christ on the Cross is flanked, unusually, by St Peter and St John the Evangelist and the body of Christ is mourned by women, with the Virgin Mary at his head and Mary Madgalen at his feet. A73 is one of a group of panel paintings by the hand of an artist traditionally known as 'Barna da Siena'; this master was a close follower of the great Sienese artist Simone Martini (c. 1284-1344) and is sometimes thought to be Lippo Memmi or his brother Federico.

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Information derived from the Ashmolean Museum's Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.