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attributed to Gawen Hamilton (c.1697 - 1737):
An Assembly of 'Virtuosi'

A188; oil on canvas; 61 x 72 cm.

Prov: Alderman Boydell; W.B. Tiffin.

Presented by Chambers Hall, 1855; WA1855.194.

Poole 1912, no. 454.

This unfinished work may be related to Gawen Hamilton's celebrated Assembly of Virtuosi of 1735 (National Portrait Gallery). It was etched by Richard Sawyer and published by W.B. Tiffin, on 1 May 1829. The etching identifies eight of the fifteen sitters, including the painters Dahl, Laroon, Hamilton himself and Vanderbank; the architect William Kent; the sculptor Rysbrack; the gardener, Charles Bridgeman, and an unknown 'Gibbons'. Although the etching calls the group simply 'A Society of Artists', it has been suggested that they may be 'Rosacoronians', members of the Rose and Crown Club. The names from the print have been copied out at the top left corner of the painting. The list may have been invented.

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Information derived from the Ashmolean Museum's Complete Illustrated Catalogue of Paintings.